Streamlining Apprenticeship Training with CodeHouse Workforce One




CodeHouse is a leading provider of services for group training organizations in Australia, handling around 80% of these groups. Their expertise helps ensure that apprenticeship training is high quality and effective.

Payroll Management Simplified

Workforce One is a service provided by CodeHouse that makes managing payroll for apprentices easier. It's a tool that helps keep track of money spent on apprenticeship training, allowing organizations to focus on teaching and learning.

Creating Surveys and Questionnaires

Workforce One lets you create your own surveys and questionnaires right inside the system. This is useful for getting feedback from supervisors and apprentices, helping to make sure that the training is going well. It is able to do this online with it's own in built systems that directly link to Workforce One

Offline Solutions

If you need to work without an internet connection, CodeHouse has partnered with Sign365. It's a tool that works like paper but is easier to use and safer. It keeps important information safe and organized, no matter if you're connected to the internet or not. It does this by using your iPhone or iPad to store your forms until you get back online where it will automatically send those forms to Workforce One

Automating Tasks

Sign365 can also connect with other systems, making it easier to work with different tools. This helps save time and reduce mistakes, making everything run more smoothly. Most tasks that you do to get useful documents are not necessary with Sign365's automation tools. You will be able to save 20 hours or more per staff member per week


Choosing the right payroll management system is important for running successful apprenticeship programs. CodeHouse Workforce One, along with Sign365, gives organizations the tools they need to manage payroll, collect feedback, and work efficiently. This helps ensure that apprentices get the best training possible.