How we reduced supervisor paperwork by 80%




For Group Training Organizations (GTOs) across Regional Australia, the challenge of managing surveys and site visits, and collecting information, has never been more pressing. Amidst rising employee costs and growing administrative overhead, Sign365 has emerged as a forward-thinking solution to automate and digitise your document and signing process, propelling businesses towards a future where document workflows are not just streamlined, but seamless.

Context and Challenge

In 2018 we saw that many organisations were struggling with the amount of paperwork they were doing. With offline Google forms and related offline form software lagging behind in the ability to provide an easy custom form experience, we looked to make a system to reduce time in how GTOs performed administrative tasks. Our encounters with clients revealed a single, glaring constraint: the exponential time drained in transmuting information from offline forms into payroll systems, a fundamental operation for the continued functioning of these organizations.

This complexity translated into an incessant cycle of validating, checking, and locating documents, encapsulating precious time in tasks that, although crucial to the business's heartbeat, did not require the expertise of its workforce. The rising post-COVID employee costs predicted for the coming years only intensified the need for a sustainable resolution.

Solution: Sign365 at Your Service

The inception of Sign365 was to address these exact predicaments. It sprung forth as a data entry automation tool specifically designed for iPadOS, offering a triad of benefits: error management, document tracking, and cross-system document administration. By allowing the creation of customized, actionable forms that directly feed into business applications in defined ways, Sign365 streamlined the once-tedious workflow, liberating administrators from the clutches of mundane, repetitive tasks.

The statistics were evident, with studies showcasing that 59% to 60% of knowledge workers craved automation in day-to-day operations like data input and email management. Sign365's philosophy pivoted on transitioning administrators from data processors to data overseers. This strategic repurposing saw a significant reduction in time spent on data entry tasks, with clients reclaiming 1-2 hours per day that traditionally squandered on manual form management.

Business Impact and Results

Our implementation of Sign365 within a prominent GTO marked a turning point. By seamlessly integrating into their hefty payroll management system, we mitigated the arduous process of onboarding and assessing trainees through offline forms, promoting the effortless migration of documents. The augmentation enabled by Sign365’s robust reporting tools granted unparalleled visibility into the client's informational flow.

Furthermore, the data substantiates the transformative power of transitioning from human to machine-processed data—the reduction in error rates from 40% to a mere 1% alone echoes the magnitude of this shift, not to mention the curtailing of costs associated to human error, which could accrue to an average of $3000 per incident.

Looking to the Future

The trajectory of staff employment costs rings a bell of impending challenges—with the Conference Board forecasting a steep rise in wages, the highest since 2008, the onus is on businesses to wield tools like Sign365 to recoup their investments in human capital.

Sign365 has laid the groundwork for a paradigm shift in processing offline forms. By extricating workers from the shackles of redundant tasks and enabling direct transmission of documented information to business apps, the platform has catalyzed a significant contraction in overhead, leading to monumental savings in time and financial resources.

Invitation to Action

Is your document workflow streamlined? Is it seamless? As pioneers in the industry, we invite you to experience the world where offline form automation is not just a possibility but a reality. Try Sign365 and join a myriad of organizations in Regional Australia redefining their administrative landscape, making every second count, every form process matter—seamlessly.

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