Does Microsoft Forms Work Offline?




Microsoft Forms, previously known as Microsoft InfoPath, allows users to create and distribute forms that can be filled out online. However, Microsoft Forms itself does not have native offline capabilities. The service is designed to work in conjunction with other services like SharePoint and SQL databases, allowing forms to be filled out online and then synced back to the central database once an internet connection is restored.

Microsoft Forms Doesn't Support Offline Data Collection

For scenarios where offline capabilities are needed, InfoPath, which is now deprecated, allowed users to design templates that could be filled out offline. These templates contained secondary data connections that provided data from an external database, and the forms could be filled out and later submitted when the user returned to a networked environment. The data required to fill out the forms had to be available locally, either within the form template or in a cache on the user's computer 1.

If you require offline functionality similar to what InfoPath offered, you would need to implement custom solutions or explore third-party tools that can replicate this behavior. As of my knowledge cutoff in April 2023, Microsoft has not released a successor to InfoPath with built-in offline capabilities. Therefore, for modern applications requiring offline form functionality, developers typically build mobile apps or web applications that sync data when online.

What are some offline form options:


Jotform emerges as a versatile solution, boasting an extensive array of templates that cater to diverse data collection needs. Its kiosk mode enhances user-friendliness in offline scenarios, ensuring that data collection remains unhindered. The platform supports both offline and online modes, allowing for seamless transitions between connectivity states. Jotform offers a free version that accommodates up to 5 forms, while more advanced features come at a cost of $39 USD/user/month. Additionally, the platform provides responsive chat and email support, enhancing its appeal for users seeking a comprehensive solution.


Clappia takes a unique approach by offering users the ability to create custom apps tailored to their specific requirements. Beyond just forms, Clappia expands its utility by providing additional app options. This flexibility ensures that users can design solutions that go beyond standard form functionalities. Clappia's pricing structure includes a free option for a single form, with more advanced features available at $6 USD/user/month. The platform distinguishes itself further by offering responsive chat and email support, emphasizing its commitment to user satisfaction.

Google Forms Synchronise:

For users deeply ingrained in the Google ecosystem, the Google Forms Synchronise option provides a bridge between the familiarity of Google Forms and the need for offline functionality. While this solution may serve adequately for those with moderate offline data collection requirements, its capabilities may not match the dedicated offline solutions offered by other alternatives.


Sign365 stands out for its simplicity in user interface and customization options, making it a user-friendly choice for those seeking efficiency. By enabling the creation of custom forms using PDFs, Sign365 provides a straightforward integration step for transmitting data to systems once internet connectivity is restored. Priced at $5 AUD/user/month, the platform offers the enticing feature of unlimited forms, accompanied by the added advantage of phone support. This combination of simplicity, unlimited forms, and phone support positions Sign365 as an attractive choice for users seeking a cost-effective and well-supported solution.

What Option is Best:

The decision-making process among these alternatives revolves around a careful consideration of specific needs, preferences, and constraints. Jotform, with its extensive templates, is an ideal choice for those seeking a feature-rich solution. On the other hand, Clappia appeals to users valuing the ability to create custom apps beyond traditional forms. Google Forms Synchronise caters to individuals deeply integrated into the Google ecosystem, offering a bridge between familiarity and offline functionality. Sign365, with its simplicity, unlimited forms, and phone support, presents a compelling choice for users looking for a cost-effective solution.