Adobe Fill and Sign vs Docusign




In the digital age, eSignature solutions have become a necessity for businesses of all sizes. Two of the leading players in this field are Adobe Fill And Sign and DocuSign. This blog post will provide a comprehensive comparison of these two platforms, focusing on their features, document generation and management, security and compliance, integrations, and customer support.


Adobe Fill And Sign is a simple, straightforward tool that enables users to fill, sign, and send forms from their desktop or mobile device. It supports PDF, Word, and Excel formats, and allows users to create their own signature.

On the other hand, DocuSign offers a more robust set of features. In addition to eSignature capabilities, it provides advanced form tooling, which is particularly beneficial for small businesses. Users can create custom fields, set up automatic reminders, and track document status in real-time.

Document Generation and Management Features

Adobe Fill And Sign allows users to upload documents from their device or cloud storage, fill them out, and sign them. However, it lacks advanced document management features.

DocuSign, in contrast, offers a comprehensive document management system. Users can generate, send, and manage documents from one central location. They can also set up workflows to automate the signing process, saving time and reducing errors.

Security and Compliance

Both Adobe Fill And Sign and DocuSign prioritize security. They use encryption to protect documents and comply with global eSignature laws. However, DocuSign goes a step further by offering advanced security features like secure fields, audit trails, and multi-factor authentication.


Adobe Fill And Sign integrates with Adobe's own suite of products. DocuSign, however, offers a wider range of integrations, including popular business tools like Salesforce, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office 365. This makes it easier for small businesses to streamline their workflows and improve efficiency.

Customer Support

Both platforms offer customer support, but DocuSign's support is more comprehensive. It includes 24/7 phone and email support, a knowledge base, and community forums.

So Which eSignature Solution is Right for You?

While both Adobe Fill And Sign and DocuSign offer valuable eSignature solutions, DocuSign stands out for its advanced features, comprehensive document management, robust security, and wide range of integrations. It's particularly beneficial for small businesses that need better form tooling.

Ready to Switch from Adobe Fill And Sign to DocuSign?

If you're a small business looking to streamline your document management and improve efficiency, DocuSign is the clear choice. Its advanced features and integrations make it a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes.

In conclusion, while Adobe Fill And Sign is a solid eSignature solution, DocuSign offers more comprehensive features that can help small businesses thrive in the digital age.